It was such a shame that the last U14 League game finished with the team having only eight players albeit eight quality players!

The trip to Wendover ended in defeat but it was not due to the lack of players more to the state of the wicket. Clearly the home side knew what to expect as they batted first and cautiously accumulated 105 runs. There were many singles and few boundaries due to rather long boundaries and the basin shaped ground. The WH bowlers did extremely well. Although only three wickets were taken the discipline of the bowlers was much improved, only one wide and one no ball. Such a difference from the beginning of the season.

The crunch came when we went out to bat. The Wendover bowlers knew that pace was not the answer to getting wickets. Their slow low deliveries, sometimes almost rolling , were the undoing of several of our batsmen. It is extremely hard to attack a ball that is barely inches off the ground. We became becalmed through the first half of the innings and when attack became a necessity it was too late and too difficult. Full marks to everyone for their fantastic effort in getting to 67.

14th July 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley

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