This was the U10s first game of the season which was eventually played last!

We only had eight players but Beaconsfield agreed to match our number so we played eight a side. We batted first and found the going tough against some accurate Beaconsfield bowling. But the end result was that we ended in the positive at 248. We only lost three wickets but missed endless singles due to most of batsmen failing to back up.

Our bowling response was excellent. Compared to earlier season games our accuracy has come on in leaps and bounds, far fewer wides and no balls. We took four Beaconsfield wickets but it should have been more. Kamikazi running from Beaconsfield was matched by Keystone Cops fielding from Winchmore Hill so many run outs were missed. Ultimately we lost but those fumbles in the field cost us dearly.  We so easily could have been the winning side.

Well done to all the players and supporters who survived the bleak conditions.


20th July 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley

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